Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Busy at Home

Yesterday, we did all kinds of projects here at home. Grandpa was outside cutting branches off trees. He had his chain saw and a ladder. Now, remember, he is 70 years old, so it was a good thing Nana was not home to see this!

Matthew (16) did some chores for me and helped us with the baby. He has been working on some writing projects. I gave him a new notebook the other day. Notebooks, in this house, are like gold! All the children love to write!

Amy (14)helped with the babysitting. (We have a small daycare in our home.)

John (12) did some cleaning for me and did quite a bit of drawing. He is making a small, illustrated book.

Nicole (20) worked all morning. Then she came home and helped a bit with the baby. She has been organizing all her school supplies. She is getting excited about her college classes starting soon.

Mr. White and I rearranged furniture in our living room. We had to move our computer into the main part of the house. We were having trouble with our internet connection and needed to move it closer to the router "signal" which is on the first floor. I set it up on an old desk. It looks lovely. Mr. White helped me carry it through the rooms. It was extremely heavy.

I have been sewing quite a bit. I am working on a charming pink, little girl's apron.

It is getting cold, here in Vermont. We are doing some serious saving to buy our wood pellets for the coming winter.

Grandpa is cutting down trees and chopping wood for heat. He and Nana have a wood stove in their section of our house.

It is amazing to drive down these rural country roads. You see so many people getting wood, chopping wood and preparing for the long, freezing winter. I have never seen such hard workers, getting ready for the coming days, as I see in this part of the country.

We all know what is coming and we have to prepare. There is no hope for slackers. It is just like it says in Scripture - If any would not work, neither should he eat... So if we do not work hard to prepare for the cold.... we will freeze, without a doubt.

Mrs. White


nikkit3 said...

I have just started reading "Stepping Heavenward."

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