Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Elizabeth Prentiss Series and Mama

I have a collection of books written by Elizabeth Prentiss. These were published in the 1800's. Mrs. Prentiss was the daughter of a minister and the wife of a minister. Her most well known book is called "Stepping Heavenward."

I am planning to do daily readings of two of her books over the next several weeks. I will read them to my two youngest children.

I will start with "Urbane and His Friends."

Then I will read, "The Little Preacher."

I will do this on quiet afternoons. Hopefully, it will be raining or snowing as we read. It will make it all the cozier.

What a blessed memory my children will have of sitting near Mama in the large old Vermont house, listening to her read some wonderful spiritual stories. These will be precious moments.

When these children are grown and gone, it will rain as they drive down the road, and they will remember...... Or when they are sitting in a warm house and see the snow falling, they will remember Mama reading to them..... They will crave the simple, family life and time with their Mother. They will yearn for the stories from Mama, long ago, in their childhood past.

Mrs. White


Deanna said...

Making wonderful memories is such a blessed part of being a Wife and Mom. Now that I am a Grandma, I hope to create pleasant memories as well not only for the Grandchildren, but the entire Family.

Your post is sweet and I believe that your children will enjoy the stories and the memories made.


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