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Review Guardian Angel Publishing

TOS Crew Review
This review consists of five different E-books.
Publisher: Guardian Angel Publishing, Inc.


E-book: No Bones About it - The Sum of our Parts Series (Book 1) by Bill Kirk
Suggested readers: Children, ages 8 - 13 years old
Length: 30 pages

Despite my "nervous" and "fragile" condition (I get queasy when reading about medical subjects),  I did learn quite a bit from this book! For example: I had no idea that our bones are made of minerals like calcium, phosphorus and sodium. Sure, I've heard people say that our bones need calcium, but I didn't know our bones were made of calcium! There is also an explanation of types of fractures, which I found particularly interesting, since my 14 year old daughter recently "chipped a bone" in her wrist.

This would make a great science book for studying  bones. There are short and catchy facts, with illustrations. These are charmingly called, "Factoids."

  I think this would be a very easy book for children to understand and be introduced to the skeletal system.
This book is extremely well done and very educational.


E-book: Andy and Spirit go to the Fair By Mary Jean Kelso
Length:  24 pages

The illustrations are really cute and colorful.   The story is about a handicapped boy, Andy, who enters his horse, Spirit (a former wild horse),  in a competition. The description of the fair - the sights and sounds,  all were very well done. This is a cutestory that teaches  a good lesson. It has a nice moral that many children would enjoy.

At the end of the story, there is a section explaining "how wild horses are managed in the US." There is also information aboutadopting a horse of your own, through a government program. This is a nice educational book.


E-book: Maybe we are Flamingos
By Safari Sue Thurman
Length: 30 pages

There are nice illustrations and very little text which will make it an easy read.

The story explains, through the viewpoint of two baby flamingos, the kinds of foods they are supposed to eat. I am sure toddlers would enjoy this book. 


E-book: Rainbow Sheep
By Kim Chatel
Length: 25 pages
The Illustrations look like fuzzy, colorful felt. I have no idea how they did that! Very cute!
This story would definitely hold the attention of preschoolers! It is an imaginative creation.

At the end, there is an educational section called "Felting for Fun." It includes an explanation and materials needed to create something yourself. You also learn how to make "felted soap" and your very own "felted sheep!"


E-book: Earthquake
By Susan J. Berger

Suggested age for readers: 6 to 9 (but I am sure older children and adults would enjoy this too!)
Length: 30 pages

This is an educational book with "factoids" explaining interesting facts. You will learn the types of earthquakes, what they feel like,

aftershocks and much more. It is full of colorful, charming illustrations. One fact that really surprised me was that there was an earthquake in Boston, in the year of 1755!! I had no idea. I am from Massachusetts and thought these only happened in places like California!

The book also shows you how to prepare an emergency kit and tells you what to do during an earthquake. This would make a great science book. It contains a lot of excellent information.


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Susan J. Berger said...

Thank you for the very kind review of "Earthquake!" I have read all of the other Guardian Angel books. I echo your sentiments.
Susan Berger

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