Monday, January 11, 2010

Shaunti Feldhahn Book Review

Last year, my daughter was in a young women's Bible study. The book they used was written by Shaunti Feldhahn. It was a wonderful book and I was impressed. Recently, I was offered to review her latest book, "The Male Factor." This book contains "groundbreaking research" that every working woman should know. Even though I am a housewife and do not work, I was intrigued. If Shaunti wrote it, I will read it!

The book is chock-full of sociology research. More than 3,000 men were interviewed for this study. We get to read their opinions, experiences and advice for women who want to succeed in the work force.

Okay, I don't work. So how will this book benefit housewives like me?

(Note: These are my own observations.)

1. It will help you better understand your husband's mood concerning his job.

2. When you interact with a company (customer service), you begin to understand how to communicate with them in a professional manner and get your problem solved quickly.

3. In everyday life, women have to communicate with non-family members. This could be in schools, churches, stores, functions, etc. Women will have a better understanding of how men think and can talk to them in a more courteous, respectful way.

What about working women? How will this benefit them?

1. Ever wonder why you don't get ahead in a company? You'll find out why.

2. Who gets the elite position in corporations and why?

3. When your boss does your review and there is a problem, how do you react? Could your response be crippling your chances for advancement?

This is a comprehensive, valuable resource. It is not an easy or fast read. I had to take a lot of breaks so I could absorb all the information. I also took short notes of key points to help me remember what I was reading.

In this book, you will read about the process of her interviews. You will see the work behind those interviews and you will get plenty of insight into how this can help you.

The Male Factor (expanded edition) is a Christian version of her original book. There are "faith-based insights" which are lovely to read. Shaunti holds a Master's Degree from Harvard and has worked on Wall-street.

*This book was provided for review by the WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group.*


Wendy Hilton said...

I have read several books by this author, but I haven't read this particular one. Thanks for the review and the recommendation! I am going to try to get a copy to read for myself. I always enjoy visiting your blog!

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