Friday, February 5, 2010

A Good Old Fashioned Breakfast

Table is Set for Breakfast near a Window Looking Out on Tuscan Hills, Tuscany, Italy

I just visited the Cracker Barrel Website. It brings back fond memories of dining in their country restaurants. I have visited several in the south and some in the north. They offer southern hospitality and good old fashioned breakfasts. My favorite is their biscuits and grits.

They have the most adorable gift shop. You can find all kinds of old fashioned toys and games. They have a delicious assortment of treats and candy. If you walk onto their front porch, there are rocking chairs all lined up. It is a lovely place.

Whenever I get home from a trip like that, I always go right out and buy some mixes to make my own grits and biscuits. Quaker offers good grits that are easy to make. I like to add a little butter and black pepper to mine. I also make buttermilk biscuits with real shortening and serve this hot with the grits. If it is in the summer time, I will also serve fresh cantaloupe. It is a delicious breakfast.

A few years ago, we were in Alabama. I went to the local grocery store and bought large amounts of Martha White Flour and other things we cannot find in Vermont. I spent weeks making country breakfasts for the family every morning. I was so disappointed when I ran out of ingredients. There is nothing like southern cooking!

I also bought this plaque I keep over the entryway, heading into my kitchen. It is a sweet blue and white design and says, "As Southern as Possible."

Did I ever tell you that I am "half southern?" (smiles) My Father is from Alabama and we have a lot of family there. They have the best churches in the nation! My dear Mother is from New England and that is where we live. But we visit the south as much as we can and love our heritage.

Mrs. White


Unknown said...

Yum, we love Cracker Barrel. I didn't know there was a big difference in flour brands. I would love it if you did a post on the greatness of Martha Whites flour. I've never heard of it before.

Mrs. White said...

I am not really sure what the difference is, but the quality is so much better than what I can find around here. They also have the most amazing recipes on the bag! (smiles).

What I've noticed is my recipes come out so much better using Martha White when I am making southern foods.

For other recipes, I love King Arthur Flour (from Vermont) - like for cookies, and muffins and breads.

I do use Gold Medal when it is on sale or when I can't get Martha White (most of the time).

I'd love to hear what kinds you use.

Mrs. White

Joyce Ackley said...

I am from Alabama. I grew up in Gadsden - Alabama City area. My sister still lives in Anniston. Our mother was a great southern cook. There is nothing like true, southern cooking! She made homemade biscuits, but I'm not sure the brand of flour she used. She didn't measure out ingredients or use a biscuit cutter. She just added and mixed and patted the biscuits into shape by hand. They were huge and fluffy! Slices of cantaloupe often accompanied our breakfasts, just like you said.

I'm not much of a cook - southern or otherwise. My mother sure was, though, and was known for her cooking skills and delicious dishes.

Michelle Smith said...

I love going to Cracker Barrel, too, Mrs. White. Though with our large family, we mostly go when we are traveling. Next time you are headed to Alabama, you must be sure to tell me. I have lived long enough in the South to have perfected a few dishes. Not grits, though, as I'm allergic.