Friday, March 19, 2010

I Really Love my Kitchen

I have had the most lovely evening. At this very moment it is after midnight. So technically, it is Friday. I have been enjoying my kitchen so much! Earlier, I bought a new Radio/ Cassette player. I have all these old cassette tapes that I cannot play anymore. So I was delighted to find a radio that played cassettes. I put it right in my kitchen!

I have been listening to precious old gospel music (really loud) while doing dishes, and polishing the stove, and shining my counters! It has been so sweet and put me in a peaceful, joyous mood.

Mrs. White

Note: The photo above is my kitchen. It was taken today.

Do you love your kitchen? Won't you tell me about it?


Anonymous said...

your kitchen is so peaceful!!!! i love it :)

homeschool101 said...

I like your kitchen to. Looks like one from a magazine. I like mine but I dont. She needs a face lift. Lol! Yes, I said she! Bahaha! We have been redoing the rest of our house and lack only a few rooms and the kitchen is one. The last room. Lol!

have a great now morning!

Anonymous said...

Mrs. White,

Your kitchen looks so bright and cheerful and CLEAN!! :)


Lori said...

My kitchen is my favorite room in my house. It's also the largest. :-D I love my kitchen too! Thanks for sharing yours!

~ Denise ~ said...

Absolutely gorgeous, dahhling! Your kitchen is the picture of hospitality and tranquility at its finest! :)

Deanna said...

Dear Mrs. White,
Glad you had a good day. We all need these!
So enjoyed seeing your sweet kitchen. Appreciate you sharing.

I will rejoice when my kitchen remodeling is finished!!!
May you have a terrific week-end,

joyce said...

Your kitchen looks cozy and homey.
I do indeed love my little bitty teeny tiny pint-sized micro kitchen! Mine is the smallest kitchen I've ever seen. Thanks to the savvy contractors who did my renovation, the space is fully functional and efficient. Like you, I love my kitchen most of all when it is clean and shining. Right now I've got a sink full of dirty dishes. But I just have to unload the dishwasher and load it up again, wipe down the appliances and counters, and it'll be perfect again!

Anonymous said...

I love your kitchen, I think we have the stove and blendar... :) I am working on a post about my kitchen to tell you about it....Blessings!

mommyx12 said...

I love this sweet little post. I need much encouragement right now to love my kitchen!! Not something that comes easy to me!

Anonymous said...

I could not believe it. Your kitchen looks almost exactly like mine; white cabinets, except fridge and stove are reversed and I don't have the glass?valance or the curtains; your looks like it lets in so much light. Love it.


Kat said...

I love your kitchen, it is inviting and cheerful. I enjoy my kitchen, it is roughly the same size as yours only the layout is a tad different. There is no dishwasher in my kitchen either, I prefer to wash dishes by hand. So did my mother in law and when she had the cabinets redone she preferred a bank of drawers to keep kitchen linens and tools organized and out of site (we inherited our home) rather than having a dishwasher. I get to prepare family meals for my husband and son in the same kitchen she prepared family meals in. I wouldn't trade this kitchen for any other!

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