Friday, April 9, 2010

Making Money from Home by Donna Partow

Many homeschooling mothers have some kind of home-based business. Some even have a ministry from home. Perhaps they write books, sew aprons, sell baked goods, babysit, or teach piano. There are so many ideas available for those who desire to earn an income from home.

Donna Partow, a best-selling Christian author, who has been running home businesses since 1988, has just written her latest book - Making Money from Home. I really like the way this is written. Donna is knowledgeable and experienced. She does not just give you ideas, she really teaches you how to be successful.

The book is separated into five sections. 1. Foundations for a Home-Based Business. 2. Exploring your Options. 3. Business Basics. 4. Marketing your Business. 5. Family First. Each contains a wealth of information which is very valuable.

At this moment, I have no interest in starting a business, but my daughter is looking for something to do from home. I am going to use this book to work with her to come up with some ideas and a plan.

*I received this book from *I received this book from Tyndale House for Review Purposes.*