Friday, April 9, 2010

This Evening's Quiet Plans at Home

Dogwood Chapel

It is early evening in Vermont. The sun will be setting soon. The air outdoors is crisp and cold. I am grateful for a warm house and a cozy robe! We will turn on just a few lights when it gets dark. I plan to be very quiet. Imagine what it would be like if Mama was a woman of few words? Silence is a blessing and keeps peace and harmony at home.

Soon I will be setting a pretty table for a simple meal of homemade pizza. Soon I will have a cup of hot tea. I will also indulge in a bowl of potato chips while watching a movie later on tonight. I will smile a lot. But I won't say much. I am looking forward to a quiet night and it all starts with me.

May you have a pleasant evening at home.

Mrs. White

Read about a Special Dinner and my blue willow china!

Dear Mother, Suppertime is so important! I pray you make it an important part of your day!


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