Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Our Homeschool Day

Late last night, and most of this morning, I have been in massive pain. I had been on my feet too much lately. I had to rest. By noontime I was much better. We had a late start in our homeschool.

Right now I am drinking a hot cup of tea. I have brownies baking in the oven. The children worked together to clean the kitchen. Supper is planned (Grilled turkey and Cheese sandwiches, salad, chips and pickles). The children have already done most of their schoolwork and I am happy.

We got a lot accomplished today, even though I was in pain. It is beautiful outside and the wind is gently blowing through our windows. We did not have any errands and got to enjoy a quiet day at home.

Tonight, we plan to watch an educational video about the history of the U.S. This is a review product. I look forward to writing about it soon. I love how my children get to learn through a variety of resources!

The children spent some time on the computer today doing math programs. I still have to give them spelling tests and listen to them read. We will do that later.

Since we moved around some furniture last week, I still have a little last minute cleaning and organizing to do on the first floor (our playroom). I hope to work a little bit on that today.

At lunch time, John made himself a peanut butter and fluff sandwich. He asked me if I wanted one too. I said no. A few minutes later, I changed my mind and said, "You know? That sounds good. Would you make me one too?" That sweet boy smiled and happily gave me the sandwich. I was delighted, "This is the best kind of lunch. One that you carefully made for yourself!" What a sweetheart. He made himself another one.

Yesterday, John received a package of new books by Beverly Cleary. These are the ones about Henry Huggins for ages 9 - 12. They are such fun books. Mrs. Cleary was a librarian and wrote many books for children, including the Ramona books.

[I also bought myself two books, A Girl from Yamhill and My Own Two Feet. These are the memoirs of Beverly Cleary. I was just reading the 1st book about when Beverly was a little girl. She was describing her large childhood home. Her mother said they had 14 rooms. Beverly counted only 11. Then said, "Mother sometimes exaggerated." Such a cute book!]

Amy and I talked about a new writing project I want her to work on. She is very excited about it. I need to order her some new books next month. She has been asking for the Cristy Miller series.

I just took those brownies out of the oven. I don't think I can wait for them to cool. Have you ever tried warm brownies, topped with hot fudge sauce, and a little scoop of vanilla ice cream? That is a rare, but delicious treat in this house! 

Hope you have a wonderful day!

Mrs. White


Unknown said...

Have you ever tried brownies with butter smeared on them? That's my favorite. My children really enjoy the Henry Huggins books too. They're great.

Laura O in AK said...

The older boys have read the Henry Huggins books and loved them. I'll need to get son #3 to give them a try.

Fresh baked brownies sounds great. Are they a boxed one or from scratch?

BTW, I thought of you as I made my own homemade cheeseburger macaroni. The boys commented that it didn't look like the Hamburger Helper. But, they devoured it with no complaints. And, with the marked down meat I used it cost under $4 to feed my growning boys.

Thanks for being such an inspiration!

Kel said...

I wish I could grab one of those brownies right through the screen. I need one right abut now!

Linda said...

Mrs.White,so glad you are feeling stronger today..Children are such a blessing,esp. when you are not feeling well.....I enjoyed seeing your porches yesterday. They look so inviting.Your home is beautiful.

Michelle Smith said...

Your brownies sound so wonderful. You are making me hungry! ;)