Thursday, May 13, 2010

Parlor Visit

Grand Piano Room

Last night, I cleaned my living room (or "Lounge" for the British).  I have all these old dark pieces of furniture and they look lovely all together in this charming room. Our 1800's house has always reminded me of a museum. I woke up this morning to a bright and shining home. I wanted to work on the first floor doing some deep cleaning and re-arranging in our playroom. We've had all kinds of plans for that room. It used to be our day-care room. Then it was a bedroom. Next, it was a family room. Then a playroom. Now I am thinking about turning it into a sewing room. It is very large, so we could still use it for other things, as well. Amy and I have lots of sewing projects in mind. I plan to create a new wardrobe for myself using patterns inspired by the 1940's era. I will modernize them a bit and put together some of my own ideas as well.  Amy wants to create more modern clothing for girls her age. She sat with me the other day and wrote down many of her ideas. She wants to make accessories to go with the clothes, which is wonderful. I told her that while we are working in our sewing room, we could each use our headphones and I would listen to Crooners (like Frank Sinatra and Bing Crosby) and she will listen to her modern music!

Earlier, while I was doing some housework, John (12) was enjoying a math program. He kept calling me in and was so excited with his progress. There were fireworks when he did well and he was just so proud of himself. I love this program because there are no frills. It is designed to just drill the student on each topic of math. It helps them to retain what they've learned. When John is working on a new concept, he tries to answer the problems, but then really learns after analyzing why he got some wrong.

Mr. White is outside mowing our front property. Amy (15) is enjoying some sun on the front porch. She often does her schoolwork outside.   Fresh Coffee is brewing in the kitchen. I am going outdoors in just a few minutes to read, and chat, with Amy.  Later, we will do our family Bible time and some schoolwork.

I am working on a review for a documentary, The Return of the Daughters. I have always wanted to see this, but never had a chance. I will write about it soon. I watched most of it last evening. It gave me all kinds of interesting ideas.  I am also working on a review for an Audio message by Doug Phillips which looks excellent. Look for this review soon as well.

Right now, I am sitting in the Parlor (Lounge, Living room, Drawing Room or whichever elegant term you prefer). It is a sunny day. I hear the hum of the mower. The wind is blowing gently and I long to be outside. I better get back to work on the playroom.  I will earn another break from my housework soon. There is always so much to do, here at the White House.

Hope you have a wonderful day!
Mrs. White

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Kel said...

Busy, busy, busy! I hope you catch some "me" time soon! :)

Joyce Ackley said...

You are fortunate to have a large room that could serve many purposes. My sister once owned a very large old Victorian (22 rooms) and it was perfectly charming. The architectural details were amazing. Since yours is such a big space, maybe you could have a sitting room with a sewing alcove. I can picture the room with a little round table and a couple of chairs for tea and sandwiches or for your morning coffee.

Mrs. White said...

Thanks Kel!

Joyce, that sounds lovely! I just put a table in front of the large front window. It has a white tablecloth on it. I put a large rocking chair in the corner nearby and I was imagining sitting there while I sew. Your idea is perfect!

Christine said...

Hey...I homeschool too.
I love your give aways...I don't usually participate in these...but a good apron is hard to find. I had to go to four different stores to find a simple gingham apron.
Cute blog.