Friday, May 21, 2010

Peterson Directed Handwriting Review

TOS Crew Review

Product: Peterson Directed Handwriting

I attended a live, on-line training session to learn about this program. I found this to be extremely helpful and came away with lots of good ideas.

I was given an e-book download called, "Step 4 - Cursive," from the "We Write to Read" series. It is also called an electronic workbook. It can be found on their "Print Your Own Handwriting Workbooks" page.    Step 4 is designed for older students.  It is 64 pages long. You will find detailed instructions, sample worksheet pages, and plenty of examples. I loved the use of colors onscreen which helped us visualize exactly how to craft each letter.

I had Amy (15) sit at a desk next to the computer. I opened the workbook file on my computer and brought up a few sample pages. I loved being able to point and demonstrate, using my finger, exactly how to replicate the cursive strokes. She did a great job with this. We also found that she was making a few minor mistakes in handwriting and we were able to see this clearly, from the screen, and make corrections.

In John's case (he is 12 and dyslexic), I had to print out a couple of pages. It was easier for him to work with the papers right beside him, while I followed along, demonstrating what was onscreen. He also found this very helpful.

Basically, I gave the children words to write, from their normal spelling tests. We took our time and  used the Peterson workbook as a guide. They were able to write very neatly.

 Some other neat items I received, include:

1. Cursive Rubric (4 page download) - This explained criteria to evaluate a student's handwriting.
2. Muscle Memory story (2 page download) - This is a great explanation of what students are doing when they practice handwriting.  It encourages you to keep working your memory skills so you become successful.
3. Tracking Fluency (2 page download) - This is a fabulous idea. It gives you complete directions on how to have your child practice writing, and has a chart to time their writing and accuracy. I love this!

Overall I think this is an excellent program. I will continue to use this with my children.

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*I received this product, from the publisher, for review purposes through The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Crew *


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