Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Dreaming about School


I am just about to have my first cup of tea for the day. I am going to sit with a catalog from Rod and Staff publishers and dream about all the curriculum and resources I would love to buy from them.

I want to re-organize my dining area to make it ready for school. It will take some creativity on my part to make sure it still looks like a home, but I want a "school aura" as well.

This year, I am only teaching two students - Amy (15) and John (13). Matthew, at 17, is taking his tests to graduate over the next couple of weeks. I am hoping he will go to college within the next semester or so.

I have been doing a lot of baking lately. Tomorrow I will bake banana muffins. The children love to help themselves to fresh baked muffins when they are eager for a snack. Muffins are also very filling. Maybe I will put one of these in a lunch bag for them, just for fun!

Yesterday, John and I went out into our playground (a fenced in area on the side of our property). I sat on a swing and enjoyed myself immensely. Then John and I played kickball for awhile. The wind was blowing, the trees offered plenty of shade and the sun provided just enough warmth to make it a delightful day. But here's the fun part. I packed a snack in a brown lunch bag for us. We each got a baggie of grapes and cheese. It was almost like a mini-picnic!

Honestly, after homeschooling for almost 20 years, I have no idea what my life will be like when I no longer have students in my happy homeschool.

Mrs. White

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Julie said...

I love Rod and Staff publishers!

Dee said...

I'm dreading those days of not having anymore children to homeschool. With my oldest going on to the 10th grade, I will only have my little one, presently in the fourth grade, to homeschool.

:( :( :(

Maybe the Lord will send me some children to tutor.


Anonymous said...

I have ordered some storybooks from the Rod and Staff catalog(P.O. Box 3,14193 Hwy.172, Crockett,KY 41413) for my 4 gorgeous granddaughters and they are their favorite books. -Taryn

Jennifer Lavender said...

That sounds like an excellent way to spend an afternoon.

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