Monday, December 27, 2010

Reading the Bible in the Parlour

Furniture in the Readburne Parlour, Queen Anne County, Maryland, 1733

In my living room (parlour), I have a new sitting area. A few new pieces have been added. There is now a beautiful lamp. This one used to be in the guest room of my aunt's home when I was a little girl. My sister and I would sleep over in the elegant room and feel like royalty. Now that precious lamp is in my parlour. I also have a table with a pretty blue cloth over it. The room is very cozy with our wood stove.

I sit in one of the chairs during my homemaking breaks. I read, or gaze out the window at the snowy landscape. Sometimes I do a little hand-sewing. Throughout the day, children will come and sit with me. We visit and laugh and share stories. When my husband comes home from work, we all gather there and talk and enjoy family time.

Last night, I was alone in the warm parlour. I saw my hymn book and wanted to sing. I called John (13) to join me. We did our Bible time. He read a Psalm to me. Then we sang a hymn and prayed. We were both so happy. Matthew walked by. He was on the phone. He heard us singing. He stopped and listened. He smiled.

The parlour is a room for company. There is no television. There is no computer. It is a special room for visiting. There may be a table for games. There are plenty of cozy chairs. There might also be a bookcase full of great literature. Any room can be made into a parlour. It is so nice in there, even with humble furniture, one will want to read the Bible and be happily content.

Mrs. White

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SisterTipster said...

I adore a parlor~in fact, I didn't enjoy this house until we created one...and a family (less formal) room as well~I had one in our previous 1880 home and this 1918 one did not until we made space for one~Yours looks very inviting~glad you are enjoying it so much! Thanks for sharing!

Laura {{* *}} said...

A significant connotation!
It certainly inspires me to press on
with the creation of our music room.
It will be the room to come away,
to sit with tea & friends,
be they people, hymnals or the Word.

"Parlour" just might fit!

{{* *}}

Suzanne said...

I do love a cozy parlour! Growing up the "good room" was called that--the everyday, jumping, rolling on the floor room was the "living room" :-)

Anonymous said...

how cozy looking! ready for me to come and visit :)

Anonymous said...

Your parlour looks so welcoming. I would love to come and visit!
I am presently working on your organizing plan, to set up my home for the new year. Your postings are interesting and very useful, Mrs White! Thank you!

-Crystal in Alaska said...

How about a picture of the view from your chair??? I'd love to see what you see from your beloved spot!

Taryn said...

Every house should have a wood stove. We had only one house in the seventies that had a heating stove.. Even if it isn't used full time you know there is an alternate heating system, if needed.