Friday, January 21, 2011

The Search by Suzanne Woods Fisher

Book - The Search (Part of the Lancaster County Secrets Series) by Suzanne Woods Fisher

Publisher - Revell

In The Search, we spend time at Rose Hill Farm. Bertha Reihl, the matriarch of the family, devises a plan to get her family all together again. A tragedy 15 years ago, caused her grown son to move away. The sorrow of losing his wife in a buggy accident was too much to bear. He took his newborn daughter and started a new life. Now Bertha wants him back. She sends for her grandchild, Bess, and we get to see how she adjusts to life in a new community.  Soon Lainey O'Toole, an Englisher, forms a bond with the Reihls and joins the Amish Community. Yet Lainey has a secret that will both devastate and help redeem the family.

In this story, you will see redemption in action. You will read about struggles with the past and finding a way to move on.  You will learn forgiveness and patience. There are twists and turns in the story that were heartbreaking. It is amazing to see that the Amish go through trials in their families, just as we do.  Suzanne's skillful writing brings smiles along with gentle lessons.

*Disclosure - I received this book from Revell for review purposes.*

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Suzanne said...

Hi Mrs. White! Thank you so much for your review of "The Search." So glad you enjoyed the story! You've been a wonderful support with my books over the last year...thanks for being a part of the blog tour. Warmly, Suzanne

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