Thursday, May 5, 2011

No - Work Spanish - Review

No Work Spanish are audio books which are designed to make it easy to learn Spanish. All you have to do is put on the CD and listen to a story. Each story is narrated in English, then Spanish. This is supposed to help you pick up the language in a natural way.

I received 2 audio books for review:

1. "Poster Girl"

This is a 2 CD set.  The narrator frequently shares upcoming vocabulary words before she reads parts of the story, which I thought was very helpful. However, she read them so fast, I had no time to think.  This is something you might want to listen to over and over again. I can imagine pre-teen girls enjoying this while cleaning their rooms, riding in the car or just hanging out in the living room. They will pick up parts of the language without even realizing it.

2. "Yaks March on Washington"

This contained 1 CD. The narrator did not share upcoming vocabulary words, but he seemed to speak slower making it easier for me to remember what he was saying.  The content wasn't something that interested me, but I can imagine younger children enjoying this story.

I believe these are great for those who want an entertaining way to pick up a little Spanish. This is not considered a curriculum but more of a fun educational supplement.

What I didn't like:

There was not enough information on the back of the packaging. I wanted to know how long each story would last. This was not written anywhere on the CD or on the Case. Another problem - I didn't even realize there was a PDF transcript of the story available on the CD itself. This should have been noted on the CD case.

- For "Poster Girl," The transcript is on the 2nd CD and contains 31 pages. [This would have been extremely helpful to know before I listened to the tape.] The transcript looks great!

- For "Yaks March on Washington," The transcript is 16 pages long. It is nicely organized and would be great to read along while listening.

Overall, this is a nice, fun product I think children, ages 10 and up, would enjoy.

*Disclosure -  This is a Mama Buzz review. I was provided with this product  for review purposes*

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