Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Home in New England

Ruelle Saint Amant

It is a rainy, cool day up in the Vermont Mountains of New England. We are settled and cozy indoors. I had a hot cup of tea this morning. We have large windows at the front of our parlour and I can see the beautiful landscape with great picturesque clarity.

These cool spring days are pleasant. I am going to do a little cleaning this afternoon. Then I will settle down in my antique chair by the window and read for a bit.  I am sure the phone will ring, and the children will need things. I am sure I will have to fix a mess or handle a crisis.  But through it all, I will keep going back to my little chair and read. These will be my short breaks from life. It will be the quiet time of refreshment.

When the sun sets tonight, I will listen to Frank Sinatra in my kitchen, while I clean and tidy and polish and cook. I will wear my heels and my favorite apron. And I will set the mood for a happy home here in New England.

Mrs. White

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Deanna said...

such a pretty and pleasant view outside your window.

May you a wonderful Mother's Day. Rejoicing that we are mommas.
God bless,

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