Saturday, November 5, 2011

Mother's Silent Heart

Chenies, Buckinghamshire: a Quiet Country Lane

Sometimes, there is silence in the soul. This is a form of solitude despite one's surroundings. It can also be called, "a silent heart."

This happens when Mother turns her eyes upward, while everything else is forgotten. She no longer worries. She no longer frets. She no longer demands things. She no longer tries to control her husband or children. She lets go. . .  It is a sweet release and makes her serenely quiet.

This past week, I have been watching a few episodes of  Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman.   I am intrigued by the character of Sully. He has a calm nature. He does not worry incessantly. He allows those around him the mental space to work things out. He does not harp on them, or try to control anyone. We mothers can learn a lot from him.

I love the scenery in the program, of country life and cabins. I love the quiet surroundings outside the town. It reminds me of the country here in Vermont.  It makes me think about going off to a mountain to pray, or relax. It helps put things into perspective.  If one could just go outside, take a little walk and enjoy nature, it would give us a needed break. It would take our focus off what we perceive as urgent.

If we could only have a childlike faith and trust in God - . . . an innocence . . . - this would result in a peaceful silence of the heart.  

Mrs. White

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Always Learning said...

I watched that show for many years when I was sick. I loved it and oh, to be like Sully. Just to love people just the way they are and not try to change them. I continually need that reminder. Thanks!

Tiffany said...

I needed to read this so much(& do this).