Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Plans for a Special Day at Home

An English Cottage Garden

I was sitting in the parlour when the sun came up this morning. It was like a slow burst of gentle light through the drapes. The house is quiet and cozy.

 I am sitting here planning all the lovely homemaking tasks I want to do this morning. I only wish I could wake up even earlier each day!

I will make meatloaf for the children to enjoy this afternoon. I will also bake muffins and prepare fudge. I will clean and tidy, while chatting with the children, as they go about their day.

I will play games with my darlings, at the table, and do puzzles. We will play cards and Boggle and checkers. We will sit in our favorite chairs and read books, while sipping on hot chocolate and eating freshly baked treats.

We have taken the day off from formal school to enjoy a precious, unhurried day at home. It will be an ideal day of cheerfulness at our old Vermont estate.

Mrs. White

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Mama Said No said...

Dear Mrs White--

You have just made my heart melt at the picture today's post has created in my imagination. Our family is in the middle of moving back to Texas, where we will live in a small 'Cowboy Cottage'. I am looking forward being able to spend my time in doing such things as baking for my husband and son. Right now, with all the packing I have to do, I am unable to perform all the little tasks that make a house a home. Your post has reminded me that this too shall pass, and I will have a quiet, peaceful day again one day soon. Thank you fro the light at the end of this tunnel I'm in right now.
Bless you,

Laura in AZ said...

It sounds like you have a great day in store, Mrs. White!

My oldest and only daughter has the day off from work today and is coming over to do some Christmas baking. I'm excited! My two college-aged sons are wrapping up the semester and I'm looking forward to having them spend more time here with the younger ones.

You can't beat hot chocolate and board games on a cozy winter day!