Thursday, March 1, 2012

Make Life Look Fun

Now and Forever, Carole Lombard, Shirley Temple, Gary Cooper, 1934

Keeping our days cheerful is no easy task. There is so much gloom and doom to overwhelm us. We often have to live with grumpy people, or be near those that frustrate and irritate. We see people making mistakes that hurt others, but somehow, we must keep our chin up and walk on.

Growing up, I had a very dear friend who was a great example of learning to move on when times got tough.  I remember the terrible circumstances she was always in. She would sit for a couple of minutes to brood, and then I'd see that charming smile, and she was up again! She always inspired me because she didn't let life get her down.

It would be so easy to indulge in our miseries. We would have every right. We could stay in dark, stormy moods or be depressed by the sorrow around us. And yes, at times we will do that. But to stay there for long is a waste of time. We need some cheerful distractions to help us transition to the happier moments.

I love the old movies most of all. Actors like Shirley Temple always made me laugh.  Yesterday I watched a few episodes of The Brady Bunch and Happy Days. I love that the Moms were home and that was the normal custom in those days. 

Cheerful Doris Day is another of my favorites. Her family movies, like Please Don't Eat the Daisies, are delightful.

When we don't have examples around us to keep us happy, we can always read Erma, The Family Circus, or watch classic television like Burns and Allen.  These kinds of distractions from our daily troubles will give us a little time of retreat and refreshment so that we can get back on the right foot.

There are certain stars and authors who make life look fun.  This is not to say they don't have any trouble, but they find a way to smile through most of it. And this kind of wholesome entertainment is something we truly need.

As for me,  I am off to read For Better or for Worse by Lynn Johnston, - gentle smiles -

Mrs. White

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Mrs Sarah Coller said...

Often when we focus on the happy things, we find that the bad things aren't quite so bad. A lot of it is perspective!

Have a blessed day!

Pammie said...

A smile is always the first step to being happier.

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