Tuesday, April 3, 2012

As Sorrowful Yet Always Rejoicing at Home

"Hanging Clothes Out to Dry," April 7, 1945

Home is steadfast and secure. It can be anywhere your family is, in any city, in any country. And with that "home" comes trouble. There is heavy labor, and financial woes. There are aches of the heart and of the body. . . These are the sorrows that never seem to go away. But the joy of the family is home.

Many of us are busy with spring cleaning. It is overwhelming because it is extra work, in addition to our daily routine. There are clothes to sort and discard. There are closets to empty and clean. There are window sills to vacuum and wash. And perhaps a few rooms need a fresh coat of paint.  It can be a heavy burden if we don't plan for it, or have enough cheerful helpers to make it a fun adventure.

Yet some of our normal routines are also exhausting and difficult. Hanging laundry on the clothesline, or on the backs of kitchen chairs (on cold, rainy days) can wear us out.  We spend hours in housekeeping, cooking and hospitality.  Hopefully we love our work, but sometimes there are tears along with smiles. This is the reality of life.

There are no ordinary days. Even when they all seem like a blur of the same.

Dreams for better days, and visions of happy events will always be in our hearts. This keeps us joyful.

We find peace and comfort in the monotony of our chores.  We liven them up with the personalities and efforts of our creativity, and of our willingness to bring happiness to those around us.

Every time we wash dishes, or sweep the porch, we take one baby step closer to our heavenly reward. This brings us the greatest sense of accomplishment and a soaring joy that few can understand.

We Mothers need to be here - for the good times and the bad.  We need to be the foundation of the family;  the one that holds it all together, creating a warm, cheerful light in spite of a dark society.

Mrs. White

"As sorrowful, yet alway rejoicing; as poor, yet making many rich; as having nothing, and yet possessing all things." - II Corinthians 6:10

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A.Marie said...

Love this!! It's wonderful encouragement for me this morning! God bless and may you have a wonderful day, Mrs. White!! :)

Sally@threeblondeboyz said...

Beautifully put, Sally x

AStarrA said...

Thank you for this. Lately I've been feeling like being "just a mom" is not good enough I really needed this reminder.

Anonymous said...

So much of what you've written seems as if it was meant just for me! Oh my!

Yes, I am grateful for the rhythm of the work I do around here....it really is comforting, isn't it? And, it's also true that each day has its "tears & smiles", as you put it, & that even when the days seem to run together, & lack any kind of sparkle, it is what I do & how I tackle my work that affect my family, those most precious to me, for good or ill.

Thanks you for a fine post.


Cassidy said...

This was so encouraging. I have been feeling blue and realizing, with my husband's wisdom, that I am much happier when I am keeping my work done at home. I can't seem to feel fulfilled any other way. And yes, most definitely spending time with our Lord God!

Smiles, Cass

Katrinka said...

I love the art work on this post. There's something very appealing to me about shabby little houses that might appear 'run down' by worldly standards but have little loving ministrations showing that whoever lives there cherishes the little house and keeps it tidy and clean.

Tracy said...

Excellent post, and what a great picture! So much going on; so much to enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Thank you.