Monday, August 13, 2012

Knowing When To Quit

Actress Jennifer Jones Playing the Piano with Her Two Little Boys at Home

Homemaking is an endless occupation. There are chores and errands and cooking to do. We also have our own ideas for projects and hobbies. I am often overwhelmed to the point that I have to force myself to sit down.

Today I thought about making a new dress, starting a knitting project, catching up on some book reading and baking some muffins.  I had so many ideas racing through my mind that all I could do was sit at the table, look at my son (John) and say, "I am bored."  How could that be?  Because I was so overwhelmed with my plans that I couldn't do anything. I finally played a game of "Charlie Brown" Yahtzee with John so I could get my mind to stop and relax.  (The pictures on the dice made us smile, and cheered me up!)

Pacing myself is one of the hardest of trials in my life at home.  I did manage to clean several rooms, go out on an errand, read, make a nice lunch and bake a cake.  Finally, late this afternoon, I decided that it was time to quit. It was time to be finished for the day. It was time to stop doing anything and just be at peace.

My evening will be one of relaxing. I will enjoy hobbies at my own pace and listen to classical music. I will light a lilac - scented candle and knit, or hand-sew, in my cozy parlour. I will drink tea and not worry about anything. 

Just a little while ago, I told my youngest child (age 15), we are finished for the day. No more chores.  Everything is perfectly neat. If it gets messed up in the next few hours, we will just leave it for the morning. He was delighted!  He was off duty from helping me and I was off duty from housework (and of nagging for help! - smiles)

 Sometimes, one of the greatest secrets of joyful homemaking is knowing when to quit.

Mrs. White

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Shani said...

We had a very similar day, Mrs. White. I smiled when I read your post, because my sons and I were finished about 2 o'clock. Sometimes, enough is just enough. :)

Have a lovely evening!
Shani xxx

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this! Sometimes I don't know when to quit and be at peace, but this helps.

M said...

So glad you are back writing, Mrs. White! I am a long time reader of yours. Your blog is such a comfort and encouragement to me. I am a Mama with a chronic illness as well...many times your words have given me encouragement in the struggles that I face as a keeper at home. I just wanted to say thank you and I am so very glad you are doing well and back blogging!

Anonymous said...

something I am working on!! thanks for the reminder!

Anonymous said...

That has been so me lately! Here I am up at 12:39 a.m. working on a kitchen project!! Aaa! I think I'll go to bed now...

Anonymous said...

A wise post, Mrs. White! It is, truly, good to know when to say "enough...I'm done." Sometimes, after I've doled out certain jobs to my children, & we've completed those tasks, I make sure to enforce some rest...a kind of planned "laziness", if you will. Maybe a little snack, or just sitting on our porch swing, or letting them cruise around showing me things on the computer. It's all part of the picture, I think.

And speaking of pictures, thanks for including the photo of Jennifer Jones with this post. I think she was a very lovely actress, & I liked her work in the movie "Song of Bernadette".


Unknown said...

Good morning! I find myself in this position often...makes me feel restless! Hope you have a lovely day today. We're on our second day of homeschooling for the new season and I have my first appt. with my OB for this pregnancy. It's a happy day!

Mrs. Sarah Coller

Mrs. B, a very peculiar person said...

Good Afternoon Mrs.White,

thank you for this post. it has been a blessing to me today.


Cassidy said...

This is my problem too. Thus the reason I am on a heating pad this afternoon and all night last night! *HUGS* Cass

Linda said...

Dear Mrs.White, I was afraid when I saw the title of this post that you were giving up blogging- I am so glad I was wrong. It is good to hear you are getting your strength back. You are a blessing to all your readers!

LeAnn said...

Amen to this one! We all get caught up in the business of the world and then never take time to smell the roses. I love the idea of relaxing and listening to relaxing music. I think I will try that one. I am ready to quit for the day.
Thanks and blessings to you for this one!

Becoming a Woman of Excellence said...

You are so sweet Mrs White, and I really appreciate reading about your daily adventures! I think you are geat! Hugs! Mina :)

Unknown said...

Thank you, as always, for your encouragement. It is a blessing sometimes to rest. I am so glad you are back to blogging. Praying you have wisdom to know when and how much to do. Anticipating the next post!!! :)