Friday, April 26, 2013

Afternoon Knitting

Woman Knitting and Listening To the Radio

After my morning work is done, in the home, I have been happily knitting.  I have always wanted to knit a pair of fingerless gloves, but couldn't seem to figure out how.   I stumbled onto an easy pattern, perfectly explained.  I was delighted.  It took me quite some time before I actually started the project, but one pleasant afternoon, I found some yarn in my dressing room and got to work.

At times, I forget basic things, like how to cast on, or bind off.  (Frankly, I am not that bright. - smiles)  I have been grateful for a little helper that has made my knitting time very easy.  It is a pretty little book called,  The Knitting Answer Book.

It took me about a week to finish the project.  I only knitted during my afternoon homemaking breaks.  It was a special time and I enjoyed the work. 

Now that the gloves are finished, I need to find another easy project.  I am wanting to get out the ironing board and iron pretty material for sewing projects. Maybe I will make a new apron for spring.

I can keep my sewing box handy for the next few months. I will even take it out on my front porch to enjoy the warm sunshine while I hand-sew.   

Afternoons are such a peaceful time to begin winding down the day. Most of the work is past, the dinner hour will soon arrive. But that little space of time before the sun sets, is perfect for hand projects.  One can listen to the quietness of the day, the birds chirping outside, the wind blowing, or even a convicting sermon on CD!

How do you spend your afternoons at home?

Mrs. White

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Vickie said...

I'm more of a crocheter myself. My older girls and I are working on a crochet project. It started out with them not knowing what they were making but following my verbal instructions. They work away excited to see what it will be. Now they are towards the end and anxious to see the final results. It has been quite fun to sit and crochet with my girls in the afternoons for awhile as we discuss life.

Anonymous said...

That sounds so nice. Knitting is my first love, but I am currently working on a big crochet table cloth :)

Yesterday I hand sewed a little drawstring bag to keep my rosary in and it reminded me of you when I was sitting there hand sewing!

Suzanne said...

Hello Mrs. White,

I got your email--please no worries! Don't we all get mixed up sometimes...LOL!

Here is a pattern for a fingerless mitt that is simple:

I have made those a few times for gifts. I did make a more elaborate pair and that may be what your thinking of:

I do find knitting so relaxing and now I will 'oft take it into my garden with me. I have a nice stone seat there and when the flowers bloom I will bring some knitting or sketching there. We all need a reprieve from the day to day.

So glad your heater is on the mend. Your not alone in your financial woes. We just can't seem to make the dollar stretch as far as it used to no matter what I try to finagle in the budget.But, we just keep looking for ways:-)

Thanks for praying for my appointment Wednesday. It really tired me out! They took 20 vials of blood! I will be giving myself BComplex and B12 shots to see if that helps with the neuropathy. I am praying!



Caroline said...

I, too, forget the little things sometimes and that is why I am grateful for all the little old ladies on YouTube. They also keep me from becoming frustrated with their gentle voices. :)

Happy Friday!

Anonymous said...

I am baking breads today. I have a plain one in the oven along with a cinnamon one, and then I plan to make some lemon tea bread. One loaf to have with supper, one with breakfast tomorrow and one for afternoon tea. I am also a knitter. I am working on a large basketweave blanket in dark blue for my teenage son. You may want to check out Bev's Country Cottage blog, where there are many simple patterns for free. I have made many of the basic hats she has on the site, as well as many bootees for babies. You could also just do a simple garter stitch scarf for next winter. Simply cast on 20 or more stitches on size 8 needles and knit garter stitch to desired length. I slip the first stitch of every row, and it makes a neater edge. Or, you could try one of the seafarer scarves for men, with the garter stitch on the ends and the ribbed middle, which make them less bulky. My father likes those scarves a lot. You can find the patterns for them by googling "seafarer scarf". My last suggestion is the Lion Brand Yarn site, which has hundreds of projects. I especially like their easy knit dishcloth. They take a small amount of kitchen cotten and work up to be the best dishcloths I've ever used.

Jenny said...

I really need to practice my knitting! I can cast on and off and knit and purl but moving onto patterns terrifies me! :)

Hopefully I will find it relaxing soon!

If I have a free afternoon I like to bake, garden, cross stitch, or write letters to my pen pals. x

Katrinka said...

Oh, I would love to see a photo of your gloves!

Anonymous said...

Dear Mrs. White,

This article got me thinking, and pressed home once again how out-of-balance my days and my life seem to be. I am on my feet most of the day (I am an at-home, home-educating mother), in spite of dealing with physical fatigue issues, and pressure myself to go-go-go around the house. There *always* seems to be more work than time, and I don't know how to simply sit and rest easy in a gentle afternoon of handiwork. I do so long to have that as my routine. Maybe you can offer words of wisdom or advice on how I can alter my thinking.

Thank you in advance, and God bless you and yours this week,
Mrs. Skutt

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