Thursday, August 8, 2013

Keeping House

The Fireside in an English Sitting Room, Showing Electric Lights

There is a sweet, freshness to the Vermont air.  I have all the windows open.  I love the sound of chirping birds, and the rushing of the river out back.   Each day, I have been doing some little project around the house.  Yesterday, I tidied up my dressing room.   Today,  I will work on the porch and  rooms on the first floor, of this 14 room house.   We may be having company this weekend so I want to freshen up the rooms.  I will have one of my teenagers sweep the porches and do a little weeding of the front grounds.

I have been doing my homemaking in the morning, at a leisurely pace, and then spending my afternoons resting with a book or an old movie.  Throughout my day, I take care of the family, especially grandbaby, who delights us all with his presence.

Amy (18) has been making most of our meals. She has been a great help, and is a wonderful mother to my little grandson.   They have been our houseguests for a long time, while her husband is away.  It has been a precious blessing!

I love to have a house full of people. I love to watch all the things they like to do, here at the estate.  Some sit by a fire, near the tent, toasting marshmallows and chatting.  Others play basketball, croquet, or toss around a football.   In the late afternoon, my boys (16 and 20) can be found in one of the rooms watching a movie.    Amy and I love to call the family together at the dinner hour. 

My work at home, as a housewife and mother, is to provide a pleasant place of comfort for our family and guests.   In order to do this, I have to keep myself pleasant and well rested, by not taking on any activities or outside projects that wear out my mind and strength.  I am grateful for Mister for making this happy home possible, by his work out in the world.

Mrs. White

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Mrs. Laura Lane said...

Inspiring once again, Mrs. White. Thank you!

Mrs. Abella said...

Amen! Thank you for the encouragement!

Elle said...

Thanks for reminding me that I need to tell my husband thank you too.

Anonymous said...

I clean my cottage little by little. Not because it is a chore, but because I enjoy the process :) I get inspired when I enter each room and try to always make it better.

Thank you so much for sharing, and for writing. I have just ordered your latest book and find myself completely inspired to the 90 day challenge.


Sarah Coller said...

Hope you have a nice weekend!

Jeannie Marie said...

It's a lost joy, cleaning. Everyone sees it as a chore. It's a wonderful way to occupy your time, arranging and organizing and cleaning items you love. Children do it all the time with their toys. I wonder when the joy is lost.

pinkkandy said...

Here is a pink blessing from a BIG God....hope that your week is filled with many great things...God Bless you....

Kayesi said...

What a lovely post for Pink Saturday. That grandbaby sounds like a fun joy, indeed. And the picture you shared was beautiful. Thank you for a fun visit.

RobinfromCA said...

Grandbabies are the best little people to spend time with! I love Vermont, especially in the fall. The beautiful colors and the smell of wood fires burning in the fireplaces are delights to the senses!

Linda said...

I love the picture you drawn for us here - how you lovingly care for your home and family. I'm enjoying your posts so much that I"m your newest subscriber!