Thursday, December 2, 2010

Creating a Lovely Home - Heavy Chore Day

Working on Chores

Thursday is to be our new heavy cleaning day. I can't wait to begin. I have all our chore cards stacked in a pile. I will lay these on the kitchen table.

There will be three pieces of paper. One for each of the workers, with our name:

1. Mom
2. Amy (15)
3. John (13)

As I complete a chore card, I will place it on my paper. Then I will choose another card. The children will all do the same.

By the time we are finished, we will each have piles of completed chore cards on our papers! Who did the most? How much work did we do? It will be fun to see the results!

I am just about to tidy the kitchen. We have lots of beautiful snow outside, here in Vermont. Our wood stove is keeping us cozy. Coffee is brewing on the stove for the men-folk. The children and I will drink hot chocolate.

After we finish our Thursday chores, we will have a lovely home and we will be delighted. Everything will be all ready for the coming weekend.

I will bake cookies and do school with the children this afternoon. Then tonight, I will rest content and watch a few episodes of The Donna Reed Show (season 2) on DVD.

Hope you have a fabulous day of cleaning and making a pleasant home for your family!

Mrs. White

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The Momma Chronicles said...

Wonderful plan! Sounds like you have a cozy day in store for you. I've been watching Donna Reed on Hulu. They have the entire series available. :-)

Mrs. Stam said...

hope you have a nice day today!

joyce said...

I'm so glad you find such joy in your homemaking chores! You always seem to enjoy it so. Due to health issues, I can no longer do very much. I can wipe down the counters and appliances, keep the bathrooms tidy, and dust the tops of things. I used to keep my place spotless, at all times, but I can no longer keep it up. I am going to start having my house cleaned on a regular basis; at least until my mobility improves. I had it cleaned today, and I'm enjoying the pristine surfaces and fresh, clean smell. But I enjoy cleaning myself - not as much as you, I don't think, but I do like to create a nice, clean, and cozy home. It's soothing to a weary body and soul.

Dana said...

Sounds like a nice plan. And our wood stove is warming a pot of stew for dinner. But my grand plans for the afternoon are getting through this pile of laundry so that we can have tea.

Someday we may work up to something bigger. :)

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