Thursday, November 17, 2011

An Unhurried Day

The Good Old Days

Wouldn't it be nice to have a quiet day? A day when we pretend there is no television, very little electricity, and no cars? I know that is not entirely practical, but maybe we can pretend for a few hours.

It would be nice to have a day of puttering around the property, working outdoors to make the grounds look nice, and to slowly tidy up the house. Maybe singing a few hymns while we work?

The day could start with Bible study and prayer. Then a little bit of housework. Perhaps the children are all still sleeping while we do these few things. We can be dressed and ready for the day with a cheerful smile, as if we have all the time in the world today!

We can bake a special treat for the family, or just serve something special to surprise them for a mid-morning break.

Then perhaps we will go outside with them, and not say, "I am too busy." We can act like we are "retired" and have much leisure to just focus on family.

Will nothing distract us today? How sweet would that be?

Mrs. White

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Anonymous said...

I fell a week ago and hurt my foot so badly that I haven't been able to get around much at all...nothing serious but it's forced me to be off my feet. Thankfully, just before the injury, I had done some canning, baking, laundry, and errands. So I've spent most of the last week reading and writing and listening to sermons and doing LOTS of thinking and sorting out problems in my mind. I'm always very busy and thought I would chafe at this restraint, but it has been really wonderful in many ways. My family has been so sweet to run and fetch, and I've learned to let go of things that aren't a big deal to keep from overtaxing them. I'm starting to get up and around again and am almost going to miss this quiet, sweet time!

Emily said...

Wouldn't that be nice? It feels like there is always so much....stuff to do that I hardly ever get to do some of the things the children and I enjoy most.

Far Above Rubies said...

Oh, yes. That would be so sweet.

I pray you are well dear friend.



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