Friday, November 18, 2011

The Empty Cookie Jar

This morning, I opened the lid on our cookie jar. . .  It was empty. . .  But it made me happy. My children had enjoyed some good food.  I loved knowing I could bake more treats, and hide them in the cookie jar.

My teenagers love to peek inside this jar and wonder if Mama made them something special. I want to keep them guessing.

Perhaps today, I will fill it with brownies? Or maybe I will make more cupcakes?

Everything I bake gets wrapped in plastic wrap, or stored in baggies. This keeps the food fresh and my cookie jar clean.

I can't wait to see the charming smile and surprised look on their faces, when they open the lid tonight and see that Mama has, once again, secretly filled that empty cookie jar.

Mrs. White

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Noelle said...

Your biscuits (cookie) storage looks very nice indeed. Just like you I wrap everything but it never last long enough to be spoiled (or even cool off for that matter!)
I would truly miss baking (or cooking)for my family! It gives me a purpose and the contented smiles are worth a million...I just need to remember to be happy with that more often so thanks for the gentle reminder!
Signed me 'I will never look at that jar again the same way!'

Laura Lane said...

Your posts continue to inspire me. I think they are all the more precious to me because I know that you also have health issues and fatigue.

I'm going to make some cookies tomorrow!

Laura Lane
from the Crew

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