Saturday, February 18, 2012

Early Winter Morning

Lamp Post in the Evening Snow

In the early dawn of a winter morning, mothers would start a fire in the wood stove. This helped warm the house and prepared the stove for cooking the family breakfast.

Mother might walk outdoors in the snow to gather wood from the wood box.  This was a peaceful time of day, when the sun was just rising and the air was calm and quiet. She might look around at the beauty of the landscape.

Then she would come indoors and prepare the coffee and tea. She would bake the biscuits and fry up the meat, or stir up some oatmeal.  The scent from the kitchen and the crackling of the fire helped to slowly awaken the family.

Each would wash up and do their chores and then sit down together for the morning meal. They had their prayer and time of devotion and then each would attend to their tasks.

This quiet, pleasant, winter morning is something many of us crave. Yet, we are bombarded by the distractions of noise and technology.

 Perhaps if we found a way to enjoy the silence of a winter morning, and did old fashioned preparations for the day, we would find some peace and courage to manage in this stressful world.

Mrs. White

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Cindi said...

Love your posts and, your hearts intent. :)

Jessica@MakingHomeSweeter said...

Again, I just love the mental images you put in my head every morning :) They always inspire me to bring back old-fashioned homemaking.

Mrs. Sarah Coller said...

Love it :) (Lord, please bring us at least ONE wintry morning before Spring hits!!! :)

Have a great day!

Mrs. Sarah Coller

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