Thursday, August 13, 2009

Night Chores

My son, 16, has been very ill lately. We thought he was getting better but he had a relapse. It feels like I have a full-time job just taking care of him. I have to monitor everything he eats and drinks. I buy him whole grains and prepare fresh food. One thing I made for him the other day was "Apple Juice Oatmeal." This is a recipe I made up years ago, to bring a little excitement to this simple food. Here is the recipe:

1/2 cup of apple juice (bring to a gentle boil in pan)
Then add 1/4 cup quick cooking, Quaker Oats. Boil for one minute.

Add a few dashes of cinnamon. Stir in a Tablespoon of honey. Serve immediately.

Matthew really liked this and ate every bite!

I have so many things I have to do. At this moment, it is very dark outside. It is after 9 pm. Here are my night chores for this evening:

1. Do laundry. (Wash, fold and put away.)
2. Clean the kitchen.
3. Make a healthy snack for Matthew.
4. Read to John (12) and get him settled in bed for the night.
5. Cut out an apron pattern. Start pinning pieces together and begin sewing.
(This is a project I am getting ready for Amy - 14).
6. Plan tomorrow's shopping list using the store ads.

It is very quiet here. Everyone in the house is almost settled for the night. It is a peaceful time to get some housework done. I will turn on some gospel music and enjoy a quiet time of fellowship with the Lord as I quietly and methodically go about my duties.

The children and I just finished our Bible study so I am ready to get to work.

Mrs. White


Dimple said...

It almost is a full time job caring for someone who is chronically ill. God bless you today, and give you the peace and rest you need so you may continue to serve your family with joy.

Deanna said...

The oatmeal sounds great.
God Bless you!

cherie said...

oh, mrs. white, i'm sorry to hear about your son. my first-born is called matthew, too. our children are just so dear, i can't bear any thought of them being in pain. i hope he gets better. i hope the rest of your night went well. my prayers, cherie

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