Thursday, November 12, 2009

Studying at Home

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Today, I am going to just settle into my homemaking. I plan to make some hearty potato soup. I will set the children up with their home school lessons and we will sit quietly and study.

I will start making the soup early, so it can simmer for a little while and be all ready at lunch time.

Nicole (20) is home with us today. She doesn't have to work and her college class was canceled. So she will be studying too.

Amy (14) has her dance class this afternoon. She attends 2 dance schools and takes 8 classes every week. Her Classical ballet teacher said she has a goal to get Amy on Pointe this coming May. She is so happy. Amy also takes jazz, tap, hip-hop and lyrical. She is in four ballet classes each week.

We have a large room on the first floor that we want to set up as a studio for Amy. I am hoping we can get the money by next summer. We will take out the rugs and put in hard-wood floors. Then we will put mirrors up all over the walls and get her the ballet bars.

That will be her study room for her dance.

There is nothing like seeing your precious daughter looking as elegant and charming as Audrey Hepburn while she is concentrating on her poetic ballet and practicing while quiet music plays in the background.

Mrs. White


mommyx12 said...

Sounds like a wonderful plan for today. I believe ours will look much the same. Minus the tator soup as we had that a couple days ago. But then again, my family could eat it most days as they love it.

busymomof10 said...

It always sounds so cozy in your house! Makes me want to come over and study with you all! :)

Deanna said...

Potato Soup is os good all year round. Makes me want to go fix some.
God bless,

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