Thursday, December 24, 2009

No Room at the Inn - a Look at hunger and Homelessness

The Hungry Planet Bible Project has produced a media packet to bring awareness to the problem of hunger and homelessness. This packet includes the following:

1. A DVD - ROM.
I watched this video on my computer. Several people were interviewed. The video is very clear and makes you feel like you are right in the same room as the people on-screen. There are a variety of reasons people become homeless - it could be a job loss, medical expenses, drug or alcohol abuse and even domestic violence. It is sad to see families with children who have no place to call home. It is also devastating to think about their suffering from hunger.

2. Audio CD.
A reading of Luke chapter 1 - 2:20.

3. The DVD-ROM includes PDF files designed to show us how to help those in need.

Statistics show that, "In 2003, children under the age of 18 accounted for 39% of the homeless population; 42% of these children were under the age of five."

You will also find a list of ideas on "How to Help," and a list of instructions to help churches coordinate a food drive.

The resources in this packet have a Biblical basis, using James 1:27 at its core.

From the back of the Disk case:
"Each purchase of this product will prompt a donation to organizations and ministries that help those in need."

The Title, "No Room at the Inn," brings a sad realization that when Jesus was born, there was no place for him, other than a manger. It is devastating to think of so many who are homeless, hungry and suffering.

*I received this product, for free, from the publisher, for the purpose of sharing my opinion.*


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