Monday, March 1, 2010

20 Minutes a Day- Spring Cleaning Begins Today

Spring Flowers

The weather
is starting to change. March is the month when most people start their spring cleaning. I want to get my house in order before Passover starts. I love an excuse to really deep clean everything!

I can just imagine the sparrows chirping and nesting in the front yard! I can almost see them flitting about as I hang laundry on the clothesline! Remember my post on A Housewife's Pink Mood? This is the perfect time of year for a cheerful mood!

Here is my plan:

1. Every single day for 30 days, I will set the timer for 20 minutes.

2. During this time, I will sort paperwork, clothes, closets, drawers and cabinets. I will find things I don't need and throw them away, or give them away.

When that timer goes off, I will quickly finish up what I am doing. If I have a pile for trash, they will be tossed immediately. If I have a pile of things that need to go elsewhere, I will promptly put them away.

4. Once the organizing and purging is completed, I will begin heavy cleaning- washing windows, scrubbing fixtures, cleaning the drapes, etc.

5. Each child will be given a list of things to do during those 20 minutes.

6. By Passover, my house will be super clean!

My favorite author for motivating me to do housework is Emilie Barnes.

What are your Spring Cleaning Plans? Who is your favorite Spring Cleaning Author?

Mrs. White

I love cleaning as much as my mother does. Here my son says, "You remind me so much of Nana."

Read about a fun way to teach children to serve at home in "The Breakfast Hostess."

Overwhelmed with housework? Read Ten Children and Housekeeping for new ideas and inspiration to love keeping house!

I've just updated my cleaning plan. Would you like to have the Cleanest House Ever? I've created a fun way for the children to do the work!

................. Coming soon! My news about a new stove! ...............


Jacque said...

We are in the process of doing this on a larger scale, as we are moving, but I am finding it difficult to put the baby down and spend even the 20m some days to do this. [not that I even want to put him down, nor is it possible sometimes since he is so young]
Right now, I am holding him, as he just fell asleep nursing.

I love the diligence in this list, and I am going to pray and ask our Father to please give me wisdom and inspiration to do this as we need me to in our home.

What a great motivator!

michelle said...

Sounds like a lovely plan, Mrs. White! I started my spring cleaning last month. I need that much of a head start! We are mostly cleaning out cluttered spaces so far. I need to really scrub my kitchen floor and walls! I too am looking forward to have a nice clean home for Passover! Thank you for your post ~ a blessing as always. *Ü*

Mrs. White said...

Jacque, How sweet and wonderful to have a small baby to care for! I will be writing soon, hopefully within the next couple of days, of some ideas for housekeeping when there are small children to take care of. I hope it helps! Enjoy the baby!

Thanks Michelle!

Mrs. White