Friday, March 12, 2010

The Handmade Marketplace

Storey Publishing is well known for their informative, entertaining, and educational books on a variety of topics. Their latest book is by talented author, Kari Chapin. Her book, "The Handmade Marketplace" is a delight to read!

The book is set up in a comfy way. It makes you feel like you are sitting inside a little boutique, surrounded by talented experts who inspire and encourage you to create and sell your own work.

Kari brought in an entire group of amazing crafters -from the creator of Etsy to the founder of Raverly. Wouldn't you just love to sit down with them and brainstorm? This is just the kind of ambiance you'll feel when reading this.

Here are some of the topics you'll find inside: Branding, Marketing, Blogging, Advertising, Communities, Avenues of Selling, and much more.

"The Handmade Marketplace" (How to Sell your Crafts Locally, Globally, and Online) is $14.95.

*This is a Mama Buzz review. The book was provided by: Storey Publishing.*


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