Thursday, March 25, 2010

Review -Raw Energy by Stephanie Tourles

Stephanie Tourles, has written a delightful book to help you get healthy. Raw Energy contains colorful pictures and has a creative, appealing layout. It reminds me of a fun magazine, full of great information.

Here's some of what you'll find inside:

1. An introduction to healthy eating. Stephanie is knowledgeable, convincing and inspiring!

2. Pantry ingredients - includes information about a variety of foods and what they do for you.

3. A lesson on making foods without cooking.

4. Plenty of recipes, such as: "Living Strawberry Zipper Oatmeal," and "Creamy Carob Freezer Fudge."

Overall this is an excellent book. I am delighted to have it and consider it to be an amazing resource.

*This is a Mama Buzz review. The book was provided by: Storey Publishing.*


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