Thursday, May 27, 2010

Happy Homemaking

Garden Tea I

Good morning! We are going to be happy today, aren't we? The sun is shining. The day is warm and lovely. What are you doing today?

I am going to bake a batch of whole wheat, chocolate chip muffins before anyone wakes up! My family will be surprised and delighted.

For some reason, I woke up very early today so I will be able to get plenty of things accomplished. I want to wash my floors, vacuum, sweep, bake and then do some sewing.

Yesterday, while I was washing my dishes, I was thinking about Amy (15). She, like all my children, has been homeschooled all her life. She already excels in reading and writing. She is also studying history, science, math, and more. But lately, school has felt more like a chore for her. She is not excited about it. I thought I would add in some electives to her daily studies. But I want to do this in a fun, unstructured way. We are doing our sewing projects and she is running a small business selling what she creates. I will write more about this soon. I also want her to help me more with hospitality. I want her to help me create an inviting table and make things pleasant here at home. This will be a fun part of school. It will be her domestic science class! I would also like to find some classic literature for her to enjoy. I wonder if there is a list of suitable, inspiring books she can read? I am aware of Jane Austen, but what else is there?

Mrs. White


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Beth West said...

Good morning Mrs. White,
I marked this list on my blog reader. Maybe you would like to look through these and see if there's anything she would like.

simplebeauty said...

Hello Mrs White,

I am stopping by for a little hello in your part of blog land today! I love that you are finding a creative sorce for your daughter in your homeschooling! I am inspired with ideas for my daughters future!

Have a blessed day!!

Mrs. Q said...

Hello Mrs. White! Miss you! Have you ever tried the Elsie Dinsmore books? We have the first one & are really enjoying it. God bless you!

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