Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rising While it is Yet Night

Andean Sunrise Lights Rural Home and Rising Kitchen Smoke

In Grandmother's day, homes were kept immaculate. There was a sense of pride in keeping a tidy, clean house. You would see freshly scrubbed pantry shelves, polished stoves, freshly washed floors, and spotless sinks. These capable homemakers worked hard and could be trusted to do their jobs right. This example helped train children to do their best at every task. Mothers today can't seem to understand that it takes hard, difficult work to keep a home looking nice. Yes, we have times of sorrow, sickness, and babies who need us. But on normal days, we need to spend more time truly making a home. It must be sanitary, so the family stays healthy. Our dishes must be clean and put away. Our counters must be scrubbed and our floors must be washed.

The Virtuous woman rose while it was yet night and tended to her home duties. She was busy before the sun came up. Then she opened drapes and windows and greeted the silence of the early morning.

Before her family even woke up, she had her prayer time, her Bible study; she was dressed neatly, and had started breakfast. She is the ideal and what we, as godly homemakers, should strive for.

This morning, I am taking some extra time to clean and make things look nice. I have several errands to do and lots of activities that need my attention. But this morning, I woke up at 4 am and have been getting a head start on the day. I have been working slowly and happily. No one is underfoot. Everything is quiet.  I will make sure everything is neat and pleasant and greet my family with a smile. There will be no rushing. Only a calm serenity.

May you have a joyous, peaceful day!

Mrs. White

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Megan said...

new to your blog...loved this encouragement this morning! Thank you!

Tristan said...

I think this is so often ignored now. I hear from so many that they stay up later and later because that is when 'their body works best', then they cannot get up early and begin the day as you have described. It is sad, and simply a matter of retraining their bodies to arise early, and go to be early.

Debbie Phillips said...

Mrs. White,
thanks for the reminder... I needed to hear this. Being a homeschool mom I have given my children chores and they do help so with keeping the house clean, but I need to purpose to do more myself...to be a good example.

I also need to get to bed earlier, like Tristan said, so that I can rise early, do my devotions and be ready to get some work done.

Great post,
FM Debbie from the Crew

Brittany said...

I'm 2 months pregnant and have been fighting off morning sickness(or more accurately, all day sickness) so it's been hard keeping my house up. Your article is an encouragement but I'm still not quite sure how to keep it up to my standard while taking care of a 1 year old and getting sick in between! Any suggestions?

Michelle Smith said...

You have given some good reminders. I struggle to teach my five children, cook and so much more that sometimes some of the housework simply slides by the wayside. Yet it is good to truly make a house a home for the family.

Also, I want you to know I awarded you the Sunshine award on my blog: http://homeschoolblogger.com/alifebetterthanidese/783517/

Taryn said...

My 20-year-old daughter and I watched the 1948 movie, I Remember Mama, today. I laughed loud- the cat's tail etc.- and cried a few times. If it was our homeschool days we would discuss the play that was mentioned. I have to read, Mama's Bank Account. - Taryn

busymomof10 said...

Very inspiring post!! You are so right! I just re-read the ebook on Maximizing YOur MOrnings by Kat from Inspired to Action, and this was a perfect follow up to that! It is easy to spend far too much time on the computer and far too little time on housework! ouch!

Tricia @ Hodgepodge said...

You are spurring me on! Thank you for your example. Time to freshen up around here :)

Mrs. Stam said...

Oh I long to have that raising up early and calmness in my home but for now with 3 little one 3 and under, I'm lucky if I get 2 hours of sleep strait LOL

But my husband always get is fry eggs, coffee and toast in the morning before getting to work and he loves it! I get that is what is important pleasing him :-)

Shannon R said...

Encouraging words... but so hard to implement. I find my days taken up with children's dramas and errands... often the only time TO do anything is in the evening after they've gone to bed.. then I'm up late and yes, a viscious cycle is born.

And I have to admit, I relish those last few minutes when my bed is warm and cozy... usually with my daughter who has climbed in in the wee hours.

I will try this week to get up earlier. As for keeping a spotless house though, ack.. I don't know. I think they had less "stuff" to clutter their homes... I think this spring I am going to focus on eliminating some of the stuff... I'd love to live back in the day when each child was lucky to have one toy... my kids don't have as much as the "Jones'" do, but still they have too much to keep tidy most days. *sigh*

Stop convicting me, Mrs White... *wink*

Cassidy said...

I am such a night owl but there are times when I just all of a sudden wake up at 5:30. The girls do not wake up until about 8. My hubby gets up around 7. I love those early mornings and how productive my day goes. On days like that, I feel like I have so much done before they wake up that I can enjoy them so much more because I'm not doing as much work. I'm more taking care of just them and doing a few things here and there. What are some things that you cook for breakfast if I may ask?
Blessings, Cass

P.S. Today's post at my blog was inspired by you. It's called, "Welcome to my Kitchen". One thing I am learning from you that is bringing me SO MUCH JOY is to SLOW DOWN, STOP RUSHING, ENJOY what I'm doing. Let it be part of daily life - something I putter at and enjoy - instead of something to hurry up and get done with for the day. Smiles!