Friday, September 17, 2010

An Afternoon of Homemaking

The Old Homestead

There are just a few more hours left before the sun-sets. The weekend is fast approaching. I want to turn on some soothing Classical Music, put on my Edwardian Apron and delight in homekeeping.

My favorite thing to do is sweep the front porch in the cool afternoon air. Then I take a short break to sit on my white rocking chair. I look out at our property and delight in a few quiet moments.

In just a little while, I plan to bake chocolate chip muffins for the children to enjoy over the weekend. I need to plan our supper and set a pretty table.

I have been dreaming about how lovely it would be to have a tea cart. This is an old fashioned piece of furniture, often on wheels, which is set near the dining room table. It has extra place settings, dessert, and other nice things to help serve a pleasant meal. Perhaps someday I will have one. Or maybe I can find another creative solution from what I already have on hand.

I am going to sort through my old gospel music that my Father gave me. Then Tonight, I will play them quietly in the early darkness of the evening and I will be spiritually nourished.

Mrs. White

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Deanna said...

Dear Mrs. White,
May you have a sweet evening. Wish I could hear you play the piano and sing some hymns together!
God bless and may you have a delightful week-end,

Sherrie said...

Here's hoping you a wonderful weekend!

Love that apron!

One Mom said...

Stopping by from the crew on the blog walk.

Jasmine said...

Have a blessed weekend, Mrs. White.

I always enjoy passing by and listening to your sweet words on home living. xox

Amy said...

My grandmother who just passed away had a beautiful tea cart that my grandpa made for her early in their marriage. Your post made me smile and think of my grandma...

Elinette said...

I can hear the music already. :) Hello from a crew member.