Monday, November 29, 2010

Review - Apron and Silverware

Flirty Apron

Have you seen those Flirty Aprons? They are so pretty and fashionable! I wanted one for a long time. I was finally able to review one and am just delighted.

The fabric is strong and good quality. It is also fully lined, and has a generous back tie. This can be doubled up to tie in the front.

The apron is one-size-fits-all. It looks great,  and all my girls want their own!

The one I chose was "Chic Teal."  The price is $29.99

International Silver American Bead 53 piece set

I usually buy spoons and forks from a department store - whatever is least expensive.I have always wanted a stylish, large set of silverware.

This product contains Service for 8. It also comes with 8 steak knives and a serving set. It is perfect for our family!

I am delighted with this silverware. I have it all neatly stacked in a kitchen drawer and love to serve our meals with it.

The price is: $39.95

Both of these items were chosen from one of 200 CSN Stores. They have tons of merchandise. I have spent plenty of time browsing all the lovely things they offer. If you get a chance, visit CSN and see what you'd like to have.

*Disclosure - I was provided with these products through a merchandise gift certificate from CSN stores in order to write this review.*

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