Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A New England Winter Day

Near Malvern, Worcestershire, c.1882

The children just came in from playing out in the snow. It is breathtaking out there. The snow is falling, the wind is gently blowing and the landscape is elegantly crowned with white! I have lived in New England all of my life. I never get tired of it. One year, Mr. White and I packed up our children and attempted to live in the south. In only lasted a couple of summer months. We missed home. We missed our New England ways and culture. This is where we belong.

I adore my wood stove. I adore being cozy in my old house. And I adore walking the snowy grounds on a winter day.

We are all home today. I am going to rest and sip on hot chocolate.  I will make a simple supper this evening and we will play cards at the table. I want to read a nice book this afternoon. I have piles of books I need to review. It's just a matter of choosing one.

Lately I have been watching Boy Meets World on DVD with my teenagers. (We have season one, two and three.) It is about modern life from the perspective of a young boy. He is a good boy and comes from a good family. I love the lessons he learns and I get so many ideas from his English class! I came up with two new book ideas I want to require my own children to read for school. - Pygmalion and The Grapes of Wrath. I love that these books, and more, are discussed on this program.Sometimes it seems like the viewer is right there in English class with the actors.

I am off to drink my hot chocolate. I hope you have a wonderful day! 

Mrs. White

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