Thursday, December 30, 2010

Peppermint Hot Chocolate and Lovely Dishes

I just made myself a nice cup of hot chocolate. It looked so lovely, I thought I would share it with you! I used an instant pack of hot cocoa mix and steaming hot water. I topped this with mini-marshmallows and then added a small stick of peppermint.

To serve (my party of one), I used some charming dishes. Do you see the sage canisters and the small sage plate?  I bought these years ago, when Mr. White and I were having a good financial year. I think I paid one or two hundred dollars for an entire set of matching dishes, serving bowls and the canister set. Alas we only have a few scant pieces left.  I love them very much and enjoy looking at them when I prepare a little something for tea-time or do my baking at the counter (pictured above).

I spent much of the day dragging myself though ordinary chores. I am feeling worn out. But I wanted to take a little break to refresh both body and mind.

I hope your day is going well!

Mrs. White

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Michelle said...

Those dishes are beautiful!

Have a blessed and Happy New Year!

Joyce Ackley said...

The dishes are very nice! Classy! I love green and never tire of it. I have a set of green dishes that I mix and match with an identical cream colored set. I enjoy using green items in the kitchen as well as in other areas for decorating. I had a moss green sofa that I just replaced with a new one...Alas, I do believe I liked the old one better. I'm a green gal, I guess.

Enjoy your chocolate!

Catherine said...

It looks wonderful. I think I'll go make a cup, too.

Michelle Smith said...

Your dishes are beautiful, and your photo makes me yearn for a cup of hot cocoa, too. I think in a few minutes I will make myself one--and offer mugs to my family as well. May your new year be filled with blessings, Mrs. White.

Mrs. Laura Lane said...

I know what you mean about the dishes. We've had many I enjoyed over the years. But. When you have children. Curiously, they have never broken one of my tea cups or my china. I think they are very aware of how careful they must be with these.

Be blessed!