Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Baking Bread in the Quiet of the Morning

Farmhouse Kitchen

Everyone is sleeping. The House is dark and I am awake and ready for my quiet home duties. I will do something special today. I will make homemade bread. This is what the old housewives used to do. They would bake bread early in the morning.

I reserved some potato broth from supper the other night. I saved it in the fridge. I plan to use it as the liquid in my bread dough this morning. It will add a nice flavor.

First I will prepare the recipe from my old Betty Crocker Cookbook. I will stir and mix and then knead the dough by hand. I will do this while it is yet night. There is still darkness out my kitchen window. There is still peace and serenity.

I will work the dough while I say little prayers. Then as it is rising, I will wake up the house.

When everyone is up and getting ready for the day, I will visit with them and smile and listen to gospel music and I will prepare the dough for the second rising.

Then we will go out on an errand. But the joy of the bread dough will call me back home.

I will eagerly walk back into my kitchen, put on my apron and start shaping the loaves. Then I will start our homeschool.

When the dough is ready to bake, I will get that oven all warmed up, on this cold winter day, and then get back to our school work.

Soon the house will be filled with the aroma of freshly baked bread and we will all be filled with the warmth and love of home.

Mrs. White

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Jamie said...

There i snothing better than the smell of freshly rising and baking bread.I enjoy that smell.
Have an very blessed day

Lisa Maria said...

I love baking bread too.. all by hand. Its a process that makes me feel connected to all the women who went before me, kneading their dough on rough surfaces. I wonder if they used the time to think and reflect like I do.

Mrs White, I really enjoy reading your blog and I have chosen it among the blogs I have to give an award to. You can read about it here http://shinebrightlyforjesus.blogspot.com/2011/03/one-lovely-blog-award.html

Love & Blessings

Rebecca said...

Love knowing other bread bakers! I too, love baking my bread. I just finished reading the Bible in 90 days...and during that time, I forgot to put the salt in....oops! Reading the Bible, forgetting the salt, I witnessed first hand the reference of salt...the necessity of it. Bread baking has been an inspiration to me...an inspiration to grow closer to my Father! Thank you for your sweet post!

Rebecca Knox said...

I love making homemade bread and I LOVE my old Betty Crocker Cookbook! I wonder if you use the same one I do? I got mine as a gift back in 1979 and it's been a staple in our household ever since (actually, I'm on my second copy of the same edition). As my married children each wanted a copy of their own, I had to watch and wait on E-bay and half.com to find them each one, but I did it. Now they can enjoy the same lovely recipes in their homes that they grew up on in ours. Have a beautiful day! (((Hug)))

Deanna said...

FANTASTIC!!! HOMEMADE BREAD IS SO GOOD! I wish I were there to have some with butter on the slice. Soooooo good.

Receiving a Betty Crocker Cook Book as a wedding gift in 1974 made for a great gift to me as a new bride. Faithfully using her all these years has been a huge help.

My Mom had one...not sure when she got hers, but as a child I would read it over and over. Very handy.

God bless and may you have a sweet life,
d from homehaven nestled in the Kansas Flint Hills on the prairie

Julieann said...

I so enjoyed visiting your blog, Mrs. White!

Now, I want to go in the kitchen and make some bread:) It does make the house smell glorious!
Also, your posts about wearing your pearl necklace while cleaning is just precious. There is an old saying I heard, and I keep it with me: If you enjoy what you are doing then you'll never have to work:)

I so enjoy being a SAHM, and I don't ever think of it as work:) I need to get a pearl necklace.

Have a wonderful Tuesday.


Debbie said...

I love the "flavor" of this post. It's a beautiful picture of peace and the attitude we all need to have when we are serving in our home.

Thank you:)

(come over and read about The Memory Bear - my latest post)


Rodna Allman said...

I love the smell of baking bread.

I am stopping by from the Blog Walk.

I know I am behind, but I am catching up.

I am already following you.

Would love a follow back, if you are not, but I think you are. lol.



Thanks. Have a great day.

amber @ classichousewife said...

Beautifully written! I can almost smell the homemade bread. =)