Sunday, March 13, 2011

Trials in the Kitchen

Woman Washing Dishes in Kitchen Sink

I cooked and cleaned and baked yesterday. I spent most of the day in the kitchen. I listened to Crooners and Gospel music by the Kingsmen. I polished the stove and the counters. I enjoyed making a home.

But then I got tired. I am amazed that I kept my patience with the teenagers. You know how when you get overtired you are easily irritated? Well, I just smiled and then decided I would go take a break.  My attitude during the entire day was calm and I was grateful!

I made a big pan of lasagna and then washed more dishes. Yes, I could have asked for help, but I was enjoying my work. I had the younger children busy with other chores and then I was delighted to see them busy with reading or other fun projects. I was happy to see them happy!

I wanted to make a meatloaf and side dishes for the next day. So I got started on that. The sun was going down. I had worked hard all day. My back was starting to hurt, but I was praying and grateful that I had labors so that I would dearly appreciate my rest.

Then the trial came. . . Mr. White had been sleeping. He woke up and came into the kitchen. Now, normally I run in the other direction when he wakes up because he is very grumpy, until he is fully awake. (smiles) But I had the timer set and supper was almost ready. I was finishing up some dishes and getting the table ready.  I left the room for just a minute and then came back to find him using the microwave. That's fine, but I was using the microwave for the timer. So, being the foolish woman that I am, I asked quietly, "Honey, how many minutes were left on the timer?" (smiles).  He blew up at me. Big surprise. I tried to soothe him by saying, "That's okay, don't worry about it." And went back to my dishes - back to my work.  He left the room. After a little while he came back and said he was sorry, and was so kind. We agreed never to talk again when he first wakes up. (smiles) He knows how irrational and mean he can be when he is not fully awake.

The rest of the evening went very well. . except Mr. White was extra sweet. I did more dishes, finished the meatloaf dinner and served everyone. I told them we had ice cream sandwiches for later. They were all happy with the delicious food. I had slaved all day with a happy heart and this is the work I am thrilled to do - Taking care of my family and nurturing and nourishing them.

Then I went to sleep and delighted in my rest.

Mrs. White

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Dawn said...

I cannot tell you how many times your posts come to mind as I am doing my work. Reminding me of the proper attitude I need to have. It brings a smile to my face. THANK YOU for being you - you are such a refreshing blessing!

Dawnmarie said...

Colossians 3:23 comes to mind reading this post today. 8^)

Beloved's Redheaded Bride said...

You sure were busy in the kitchen. You must share your lasagna recipe. I am looking for a good one.

What a gentle spoken words you gave Mr. White. Such a good example of a proverbs wife. So sweet.

I adore the kitchen picture at the top!

Pebblekeeper ~ Angie said...

Hubby has a snooze button snooze button, personal preparation habits routine that I leave him alone with. When he sits in his cozy chair with a cold soda, I know I can chatter with him. I've been awake for hours and excited about the day, but I have learned to let him wake slowly. I love to bounce up, pour the coffee and start the day. He lets me. :) This week, however, it was my turn, i was woken from a nap after only 15 minutes to the news that a new electronic device was broken. When you drag out of a deep sleep, it helps you understand the groggy, and not take it personal. Oh, I had quite a few appologies that afternoon though!!!

Because He Lives! said...

I just got done reading your post "What Makes a Virtous Wife." I struggle with the fact of someone speaking out of terms to me.Especially if it comes from the children. Like you I have teenager's and some times they can say some hurtful things. But I must remember it's not personal and it's not an attack on me. They are just being teenager's that need to be corrected. This is something I'm still working on. I loved your response to your hubby! Thanks!