Saturday, April 16, 2011

Pleasant Days by the Fire

Fireside Supper

 I have great memories of resting by the fireside, this past winter. Early in the morning, I would do all my housework. Then I would look out the window and admire the snow covered landscape. I would sit in my favorite chair, near the hearth, and enjoy a warm fire. I had a cozy pillow and blanket and a small table beside me. I would read Dombey and Son by Charles Dickens. This 1000 page novel is a masterpiece. It took me months to read the entire book, because I wanted to savor each word. I would sit and read while sipping on hot chocolate with marshmallows. I did this during my homemaking breaks.

I would get up and prepare lunch and do more chores. Then it was time for another rest, near the fire, with my book.  I would head back to my chair and enjoy a couple of pieces of Freschetta pizza. It was my favorite lunch! I would also sip on ginger-ale. I enjoyed that book so much and will re-read it again this coming winter.

This morning it is chilly here in Vermont. Mr. White just started up the wood stove. I am contemplating reading a book for the spring. Perhaps it will be another Dickens classic. Or maybe I will start with Austen. Whatever the novel is, I am sure it will be delightful. But I dearly look forward to the next winter, when I can sit by the fire, and enjoy my favorite chair and my special breaks.

Mrs. White

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mommyx12 said...

We love being by our fire. The nice thing is is that our dining room table is in the same room as the wood stove. Makes nearly every meal wonderful.

Briana said...

Your little breaks by the fire sound so nice and cozy. I can picture you sitting on a shady porch reading with some iced tea for your summer breaks.

Lisa said...

Sounds divine!!! I am visiting from women living well.

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