Thursday, June 30, 2011

Designer Walking Cane

Product - Adjustable, Aluminum Walking Cane

Price - $32.00

Company - Fashionable Canes and Walking Sticks

I've often wished I had a cane. I have those days when I cannot walk without assistance. I've fallen into walls, fallen down the stairs and struggled to keep my balance. Many times I've cried while holding onto someone else simply because I felt helpless that I couldn't walk alone. Those are the bad days.

Most of the time, I am healthy and feeling fine. I can even exercise and have no trouble walking and even running! But when the bad days come, I would either lean on someone else, or use crutches for extra support.

Last year, my mother bought her first cane. I was so impressed, I wanted one too. Now you may think that is strange, since I look young. My kids even tease me and say, "Mom, stop pretending you need a cane!" The fact is, there are many adults who need the extra support. But canes are often boring to look at. That's why I was thrilled to see fancy canes that look like they are used by royalty!

I now have a beautiful, elegant cane. The design is called Moonlit Floral, with a Derby Handle. It is lovely!

I use this on my bad days. I can walk around the house, the property and even in public with the extra support I need. The design is eye-catching.  When I walk with my new cane, I feel like I can hold my head up and keep my dignity.

The tag that came with my cane says it is from "The Royal Cane Collection." It also says their canes "are designed with a sense of style and quality that makes them the finest walking canes in the world."

*Disclosure - I received this product for review purposes.*

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Lorus! said...

That is a pretty cane! My mom bought one recently - she has those bad days too. She collects snowmen and happened to find one with cheerful snowmen all over it. It makes her smile!

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