Sunday, June 5, 2011

Serving the Family

Maple Creek

I haven't been around much the last few days. I put one of my children in charge of the house. He did a good job, but it's not like Mama's.

This morning, I put on my apron and tried to get control of my kitchen. I fried up some potatoes, made a batch of biscuits and made some eggs. Coffee is brewing and the smell of a wonderful morning is underway.

Soon I have to run back out. I will be busy until late tonight with Amy (16). But my oldest girls will be coming home this afternoon. They will run the house for me. They will help serve the family while I am gone . . .  and when I come home weary.

Someone has to be here to serve the family. Home is the place of comfort and love. We need to keep it running, even when Mother has to be away.

Mrs. White

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Sherri B. said...

Even though there are other willing hands, it's never the same as mom doing it.

Jo said...

When I go away (as I will in early July) my husband and 18 year old son will look after the home. Even though do a good job, it isnt quite the same as when I am at home. I usually find strange things in the fridge!!! Even the cats are pleased when I get home as they aren't as spoilt as when I am around:)

Have a God blessed week.

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