Friday, May 20, 2011

Creating Beauty at Home

Garden Corner

Morning has come and things are quiet. I will make my list of adventures in just a few minutes. I will also plan to create some beauty here at home and also in my heart.

I will listen to old gospel music, like Precious Memories by J.D. Sumner. Then I will walk around and straighten decorative pillows, adjust the books on the table, and gently pull back the curtains. These will be small acts of beauty.

I will drink hot tea from a pretty china cup while I do my Prentiss Study. I will delight in pleasant, happy thoughts.

When the excitement of the day begins and the children are loud and active, I will remember my morning. I will remember I need to make that extra effort to create beauty here at home.

Mrs. White

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proverbs31heart said...

Thank you for further teaching me to appreciate the small acts of beauty for what they are...just that...small acts of beauty! What a lovely way to think of the little things that we do around our home. God bless you, Mrs. White! Have a beautiful and blessed day. You are much loved and appreciated!

Mrs. Q said...

Mrs. White,

You always paint such lovely pictures with your posts! I always enjoy reading your blog. It is such a blessing to me.

Take care,
Mrs. Q

Jules from A Little Bite of Life said...

Your photo is so peaceful! Stopping by from CB/Social Fabric and a new follower! If you get a chance, please stop by mine at Thanks!

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