Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Gift of A Computer

This past July I wrote about my computer trouble. After writing, almost daily, on this blog for more than 2 years, my computer died.  It was shocking. Mr. White and I had saved for years to buy that computer. Now it was gone.  Of course I went through a withdrawal period . .  I missed writing my visits, and doing my review work. It was hard to adjust.
But slowly, I began to accept it. I visited my local library once or twice a week and did my best to keep up the blog. I wrote when I could.  It was much harder to write on my way home from an errand, when I was used to writing early in the morning while my family was still sleeping.

Many times I had ideas for posts, but had to let them go. Instead, I focused more on home, cleaning, baking and regular life. But I missed those morning visits.

At some point, I accepted that I would not have another computer. I gave up. . .

That's when it happened. . . Someone in my area gave me their old laptop computer!   I could not believe it! I was so grateful!

I have spent the last 2 weeks learning to use it. A few days ago, Mr. White set up an area in our house, with an old desk for me.  I now have a quiet, special place for my "new" laptop.   This is a tremendous blessing!

I am ready to get back to writing on a regular basis. Thank you so much for your patience!

Mrs. White

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Cathytress said...

So glad you're back! God worked to get you a computer so you can continue ministering to us with your blog :)

Dolores Lynn said...

I missed your regular posts so much! Glad you are back in business.

Sherri B. said...

This is such good news! My heart broke for you when you lost your computer...I sent up pleading prayers as I'm sure you and others did also..God is so good and He knew and understood the desires of our heart. You have an important message and a love for the home and how to be a homemaker and so He made sure that your words would not be limited. xo

Bonnie said...

Mrs. White,

This is wonderful news!!! I have missed you and am so glad you are once again able to do something you obviously love and enjoy. Your blog is such a blessing and inspiration to me. Thank you!

Catherine said...

What wonderful news!! I'm so happy that you're back. xo

Joyce Ackley said...

I'm happy for you! I've missed your posts and I'm sure your fans and followers have as well. Glad you are able to have a computer again.

sandy16502 said...

I am so glad you are back. God has blessed us by giving you a new to you computer. I am glad I can now look forward to your posts. They help to keep me calm and centered when life wants to take me in other directions :)

Laura in AZ said...

YAY!! So glad you'll be able to write more frequently now. Please tell your friend who gave you the laptop that your readers say "thank you" as well!

Anonymous said...

fantastic! i have missed regular doses of you and your wisdom!

Lar said...

EEE! I'm so excited! I was thinking the other night that I missed your wrintings. Then I wondered if it was normal to miss someone I didn't know!LOL:)

Deanna said...

Dear Mrs. White,
Sooooo very happy for you!

Looking forward to visiting your place and spending some time reading your posts.
God bless,

Mama Said No said...

HUZZAH and HOORAY! You are back, most gracious lady, and I am thrilled.

God is so good, isn't He? Maybe He just felt you needed a break from advising all of out here who are too hard headed to listen sometimes. I have missed your simple Godly wisdom.

Again, welcome back.

Annie Kate said...

Such happy news! What a blessing! I pray that your new computer will be a blessing to you, your family, and the online world.


Annie Kate

busymomof10 said...

Such Exciting News! I am so happy for you! Many times I've thought of how I"d feel if my laptop died! I have missed your daily visits and am rejoicing with you over God's goodness to you!!!!!!


i cant decide said...

Welcome back!

Mrs. Laura Lane said...

I, too, write on an second hand computer that was given to us five years ago. I have no idea how old it is. I certainly hope it doesn't die. It has all our photos and many records on it!

Be blessed!

Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage