Friday, December 9, 2011

Mother's Saintly Presence

In the Rose Garden

Mothers spend many hours tending sick beds, leaning over cribs, serving nourishing foods, and comforting weary hearts.

Saintly Mothers are tender and delicate, yet strong in spirit.

These Mothers have Heavenward eyes. There is a veil of peace surrounding them. It is almost mysterious.

They walk along a thorned path of life and light. Despite pain and sorrow, these Mothers exude a gentle sense of joy.

Privately, they pray and beg to hold the Lord's hand through life, for their human frailties make them prone to stumble. Their prayer closet is the source of their success. 

These Mothers think lowly of themselves because they are consumed with the happiness and welfare of others.

To be ensconced in their presence is one of the greatest joys of all. How blessed are those who have a Saint for a Mother! And truly, How wise is the woman who strives to be one!

Mrs. White

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Michelle Smith said...

Thanks for sharing these thoughts, Mrs. White. I pray that I can be this kind of mother in times of trials.

TenderHeartMom said...

Lovely post, dealing with a newborn and toddler reminders like this help me strive to do what is best for my girls