Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Daydreaming about Housekeeping


There are times when we will just sit and plan all the things we need to do in a day. We might make long lists of chores, and baking projects. We might even get some of those things accomplished.

But have you ever daydreamed about housework? This is something I do most mornings. (smiles) I will sit in my chair near the hearth and think about how nice my house will look after I do the work. Most of the time, I actually put those daydreams into action and get results.

Other times, if I am weak or ill, I just walk away from what has to get done, and I keep daydreaming, and smiling. I know what my house will look like, or what I want it to look like, and that makes me happy. That gets me through those days when everything seems to pile up and all one can do is laugh!

So today, if you feel like you are surrounded by flooding water in your kitchen, with cups floating down the stairs, just smile and daydream about better housekeeping days!

Mrs. White

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Sally@threeblondeboyz said...

I have to confess I don't actually daydream about housework in that serene sense that you describe. Mine is fear. Fear that I have so much to do in so little time, picking up after three little ones keeps me busy, lol. but I do daydream about decorating. I have every room totally designed from top to bottom, in my minds eye, and that gives me pleasure, especially when a project comes to fruition =) I will try today to change my outlook to one of serenity while I tackle my chores as I'm sure it wil make a positive difference. Thank you for making me think! Sally @ Enlightenment for the Sleepy. xxx

Anonymous said...

The moment I saw that picture, I burst out laughing:D My how we can relate to that one at times!

Sometimes I daydream about all the things I want to do around the house-when I am not feeling good.

Most of the time, (if I am to be honest) I daydream about other things-like what kind of special memories I can make with my family or what I can create in my "studio"!

Have a blessed week, Sharon!

Rhonda said...

what a funny picture! My house looked just little like that Sunday afternoon. I usually do our dishes in the sink but I had a bunch so put them all in the dishwasher. Well, the water shutoff valve stuck, the DW kept filling with water and it flooded my kitchen.
I discovered it before any real damage was done, my son was here to help dry the floor and husband got the water shut off.

The repairman is ordering a part to fix it.
He said washing machines and dishwashers should never be left running while we sleep or leave the house, and that any age applicance can malfunction and can flood a house.

the good part, my kitchen floors got a very good cleaning from being an inch deep in water :)