Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Pleasant Hours at Home

Fun in the Snow

I love to see everyone happy and busy at home. There should be plenty of projects available so that boredom does not creep in. We have cards, board games, sewing projects, Drawing materials, and such, to occupy ourselves during our leisure hours.

In the winter time, it is good to have sleds, shovels, and other fun tools to keep children busy.  The children will run in and out of the house, with exciting news, or to take a hot chocolate break. 

Summer time is the most fun - with pools, bikes, toys and picnics to entertain the family for many hours in the fresh air.

As a Mother, I enjoy preparing foods, cleaning, tidying, and making things look nice. But I love to do this when everyone around me is happy and chatty.

As a Wife, I love to see my husband resting or watching television while I am busy working on the home arts.

When we have the older children home for a visit, or guests stop by, I want them to have plenty to do - like playing pool in our game room, or watching a nice movie.

Home is a place of industry and rest.  . . And Mother is the hostess of it all.

Mrs. White

For Comfort - The Light in the Window.

When was the last time you had a formal - Breakfast at Home?

I want to have - A Virtuous Day.

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Mrs. Sarah Coller said...

Good stuff, Mrs. White! Hope this is a blessed and peaceful day for your family!

Mrs. Sarah Coller

melyssa said...

sweet blog!

Emily said...

I need to work on cultivating the attitude that you have of being "happy to see your husband rest"...i will admit that sometimes I wish he was helping me wash the dishes! I like all your ideas for things for the children to do around the house. The number 1 complaint I hear from my children is that they are bored!

Ms. Kathleen said...

I've been enjoying the cozy winter months. We've been so spoiled this year with mild weather. Hot cocoa sounds like a great idea!

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