Friday, January 6, 2012

When Mother Doesn't Want to Go Out

The Night Before

Did you ever have some errands that you were dreading? Perhaps you didn't feel well, but those tasks could not wait?

I have had the nicest time, staying home all this week. Today, I have to go out.  But all I want  to do is stay home! (gentle smiles)

So I will have to take "home" with me.  I will bring a special book, for while I am in waiting rooms. I will bring one of my sweet children with me. (I wouldn't bring one of the grumpy ones! - smiles). 

I will buy something easy for tonight's dinner, so I won't have to dread any extra work.

I will listen to Fred Astaire this morning, while tidying my house, with a cheerful (in the clouds) outlook. Maybe by the time I have to head out the door, I will be so happy, I will forget that I don't want to go?

There will have to be some kind of reward... hmmm.... I need to think of something lovely for when I get home - as a reward for doing all the dreaded errands that have me so stressed out today....

Perhaps I will look forward to tea, a cozy fire, and reading a sweet new book that I am enjoying. 

Or maybe the idea of just having the entire weekend with no demands will be my reward.

Mrs. White

A written record of who was present - Recording the Family  Bible Study.

I dearly miss these days - Rocking Babies and Staying Home.

It's not what everyone else does for me, it's what I do to make it special - A Mother's Touch.

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Laura Lane said...

Oh, I have to go out today, too. I'll be taking my 10, 12, and 14 yos with me. I borrowed a Radio Theater Silas Marnar cd set from the local Christian College library. We'll listen to that in the car.

I like to go out once in awhile; but, I don't like a string of errands that takes all afternoon.

Oh well, I'm not going to work every morning!

Anonymous said...

i love it!! taking home with me! you are so inspirational!!

Terry said...

I love that post! I love the idea of "taking home with me." I also love your "reward" idea. Have you ever visited Susan Branch's blog? Your post reminded me of her style. You can find her at


Lisa said...

I love the concept of "taking home with you!" Our ministry takes us all over the country in a motorhome, so I guess I can really relate to that one! ;)

God has been good to us, though, and I've seen His Hand working in the lives of our children as we "take home with us!"



Kasey @ TFOMplus2 said...

I love the idea of taking home with me!! Lovely perspective!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I could so understand. I love being at home but taking a book with me when I have to be somewhere waiting is something I like to do too. Fred Astaire sounds...well...lovely. ;) One of my favorite words. I would also have some dark chocolate when done. I mean, it is such a worthy sacrifice, don't you think? ;)
Thank you for stopping by.
Much love,

Carolyn said...

I have enjoyed my visit to your blog and look forward to more.I love your writing style.

Thank you for your kind words on mine today.

Take care,

Lori said...

I am so glad that I am not the only one who dreads going out! When we had just 4dc and the oldest was 8 or 9, we were living in a small mountain town. We would sometimes be at home for 2 weeks without leaving! It was so cozy in the winter with a fire going in the woodstove and snow falling outside. I so long for those days when life gets hectic and overwhelming. Taking 'home' with you is a great idea! You are such a kindred spirit, wish you were a neighbor...thank you for your 'visits!'


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